Sign the Voter’s Pledge

Sign the Voter’s Pledge!





The Voter’s Pledge

1. I pledge not to vote for any candidate for any office (whether federal, state, or local) if that candidate has not first taken the appropriate Candidate’s Pledge for the office he or she is seeking.
2. I further pledge never to vote for any candidate whom I know or believe to have taken a Candidate’s Pledge and subsequently violated it.
3. I affirm that I am legally eligible to vote in the United States of America, that I have not signed this pledge before, under my name or any other, and that the information I will list in my signature is true and accurate.

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Having Trouble? Some folks are reporting this form getting “stuck” after they click submit.  We’re working on this issue and hope to have it fixed shortly, but if this happens to you in the meantime, the best remedy is simply to navigate away from this page and come back to it.  Then fill out the form again.