Enough is enough!

Have you had enough yet?


Our governments in the US, from the local level to the federal level, are constantly violating the US Constitution, the state constitutions, and even the local charters.  The Rule of Law Revolution seeks to put a stop to this by finding candidates who will run on a platform of reforming the government back to full compliance with the law that formed it.

Do YOU think that government should be allowed to operate above the law?

If not, then we must put a stop to it.  The Rule of Law Revolution is about taking a stand on this issue—even though most Americans don’t even notice that government is breaking the law!

Therefore, the Rule of Law Revolution’s Voter’s Pledge is not for everybody; it’s for voters who have done enough “big picture” thinking to overcome some really dangerous-but-popular thinking.  Let us walk you through it:

Question: What should we do if the Republicrats are in control of government and everything is going to pot?

A. Vote Republicrat again next time anyway, and hope they do a better job than they are doing now.
B. Vote Demublican next time just to get those evil Republicrats out of office and to teach them a lesson.
C. Vote Demublican next time because the Demublicans proved the last time they were in power that they really know how to run a government.
D. Don’t worry about party; just hold our noses and vote for the candidate who is the “lesser of two evils”.

If you are an average American, chances are that one of these answers is your normal voting strategy.

Question: How’s that strategy working for you?

You—if you’re average—and a bajillion other Americans, have been voting this way for years now.  If this were a good strategy, shouldn’t we expect to see:

  • Human rights and freedoms being more and more protected?  (They aren’t.)
  • The economy getting stronger, both for the big corporation and for the little guy?  (It isn’t.)
  • Our governments (local, state, and federal) behaving themselves according to the constitutions and charters that formed them?  (They aren’t.)

Yes, that’s what we should see if this “two-party system” were a good one.  But it’s a terrible system and it simply doesn’t work for the good of the American people.

Question: So, how do you change the system?

You don’t!  You just go around it!  You find candidates who will, regardless of their party affiliations, pledge ahead of time to obey the Constitution strictly and to do their utmost to make the rest of government obey it, too.

Here’s what must happen:

  1. Candidates who sincerely believe in government obeying the Constitution must be found, supported, and elected.
  2. We must stop feeding the “two-party system” if they will not regularly give us these kinds of candidates.  This means:
  • No more financial contributions or volunteering for parties that don’t aggressively support and promote this type of candidate.
  • No more campaigning or voting for “lesser of two evils” candidates.  (We must refuse to be LO2ERs!)
  • No more voting for our favorite party, no matter what kind of candidates they put forth.
  • No more voting just to “change” things generally; we must vote specifically to put government back on its leash of obedience to the federal and state constitutions and the local charters that founded those governments.
  • No more voting against true Constitution-following reformers in favor of some other candidate who seems more “electable”.

These things are the most counterproductive strategies of all, and yet that is exactly what we have been doing for generations!  Enough is enough—we simply must stop this senseless cycle!

“But wait!  You’re suggesting that I’m going to have to sit out some elections if no suitable candidate can be found.”

That’s exactly what we’re suggesting!

“But if I don’t vote–if I don’t at least support the lesser-of-two-evils candidate, I’m just giving the election away to the worst possible candidate.”

Right.  And if you help the lesser of two evils win, you’re still sending the country down the slippery slope.

Are you starting to see the problem yet?

When you choose a doctor, do you look for a good one, or just for one that’s better than some bad doctor you know?  You look for a good one, of course!   Why, then, do you willingly vote for candidates that you know in your heart of hearts are not good for the country?

“But you don’t understand, my voting for the lesser of two evils is a defensive measure against the greater of two evils.”

And there’s your problem!  Full-time defense just doesn’t work as a strategy.  Nobody can “dodge bullets” constantly in a battle and expect to survive for long.  And what you’re doing is getting hit with “the lesser of two bullets”!  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not be hit with any bullet at all!

We simply must have an offensive strategy in play as well.  Evil players in both major parties are constantly working to violate the US Constitution, the State constitutions, and even the local government charters.  Why tolerate them when we could offensively drive them out of the game?

“So how do we go on the offensive?”

The concept is simple, but the application of it requires some hard work:

  1. Invite every candidate for every office from town council to President of the US to take the ROLR Candidate’s Pledge.  Those who agree will pledge to abide strictly by the charter or constitution that formed the office in which they seek to serve.  Having candidates like this elected can immediately cut out a lot of the shenanigans that are currently going on.
  2. Sign the Voter’s Pledge, refusing to vote for any candidate who hasn’t signed the Candidate’s Pledge, or for any candidate who ever signed it and violated it thereafter.  This puts the political parties on notice that they won’t have your support any more unless they put forth candidates who are willing to play by the rules.
  3. Deliberately influence other voters to do the same.

“Sounds good, but what if a candidate I actually like hasn’t signed the pledge?”

Ask them to sign it.  If they do, you have just played an important role in this back-to-the-Constitution movement.  And if they refuse to sign it, why would you still want to vote for them?  Can anything good come from a candidate who reserves the right to exceed the powers of his or her office?

“OK, I’m good with that.  But I don’t like trying to influence others about politics.”

OK, but what’s the alternative?  If everybody decided to be passive and not to try to influence their friends, family, and neighbors, then how could any new political philosophy thrive and spread?

You have to decide which is worse: the political decline of the United States, or the discomfort you might feel from trying to help your friends to think a new way.  When you get frustrated enough with the way things are, saying something to your neighbor across the back fence won’t seem like a big deal at all.

You must realize that our corrupt “system” got like it is because of people who were willing to work very hard to make it that way.  It will not be magically transformed without hard work.  To hope for such a work-less transformation is simply foolish.

And so you see how the Rule of Law Revolution Voter’s Pledge  is for those who have truly reached the point of “Enough is enough!”  Meanwhile, the continued success of both the worse and lesser of two evils is driving more and more Americans to the point of “Enough is enough!” every day!


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