Meetup Group Information

Starting a local Group


If you are interested in starting an ROLR Meetup Group in your area, which you can do for as little as $12 a month, please do the following.

  1. Check ROLR’s Meetup Page to make sure there’s not already a local group you can join.
  2. Double check at to make sure there’s not already a local group you can join.
  3. Create a new Meetup Group here, using the following information:
    1. Group Name: Rule of Law Revolution
    2. Group Description: Promoting the stunningly-simple idea that government ought not be allowed to operate above the law.
    3. What Members Are Called: Members
    4. Web Address: (Example:
  4. Notify ROLR immediately upon starting a new Meetup Group so that we can add you to our listing.
  5. Remember that ROLR does NOT endorse candidates.  Your local group may NOT endorse any candidate, no matter how much you like them.  Rather, you are endorsing the Rule of Law in general, and so are the candidates.   You may personally endorse whomever you like, but NOT in the name of ROLR.

Suggested Meetup Activities

  1. Discuss the ROLR website’s articles and basic plan of action.
  2. Order some ROLR business cards and distribute them as a group at local gatherings, or as individuals in your daily travels.
  3. Set up a table at local events and have voters sign the Voter’s Pledge.
  4. Approach local media to do stories on ROLR.  ROLR Founder, Jack Pelham, is available for telephone interviews.
  5. Approach nearby candidates and ask them to sign the Candidate’s Pledge.
  6. Attend political gatherings wearing ROLR t-shirts or with ROLR signage.
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