How You Can Help

Spread the Word!

How can you help?

Contact Candidates. We’re trying hard to reach every candidate we can find online, but we need your help! Please contact all the candidates you can and invite them to take the appropriate Candidate’s Pledge for the offices they are seeking.

2. Invite everybody. Invite everybody in your email address book to visit the ROLR website.

3. Start a Local Meetup Group. Local groups don’t have to be big to be effective. If all you did was to get a small group together to pass out ROLR cards at your town’s next gathering, you could be tremendously effective! You could set up a table at a fair or festival and have voter’s sign the Voter’s Pledge right on the spot! For more on Meetup Groups, click here.

4. Link to ROLR. From your blog or other website, you can help drive traffic to ROLR. This may be one of the easiest things you could do, as it only takes a few minutes to put up a link, and many people could follow that link to learn about ROLR.

5. “Advertise” for ROLR. We’ll be stocking our store with items like t-shirts and bumper stickers shortly. These will be great attention getters. Also, we’ll make available some inexpensive ROLR business cards that are easy to keep in your wallet or purse. The cards will tell the gist of ROLR and will direct people to the ROLR website.