Candidate Instructions

Instructions for All Candidates

If you are a candidate and would like to take a pledge (for free), here are the steps you should follow.

1. Choose which type of office you are running for (legislative, executive, or judicial) and print the corresponding pledge form below.

2. Sign the printed pledge as per the instructions.  Your hand-written signature is required.

3. Scan the pledge and email it to ROLR at this address.  Be sure to tell your campaign telephone number so that we can confirm that your request is indeed coming from you, and not from a trouble maker.


1. You understand that by signing the pledge, you are giving your word as to your intended behavior in office.

2. This listing is free, however, the Rule of Law Restoration maintains the right to remove any candidate from the list at any time in the event of egregious behavior that makes it plain that the candidate is not intending to hold to his or her Pledge.  Candidates who have violated their pledges will be ineligible ever to take the pledge again for any subsequent campaigns for office.  Further, they will be perpetually listed at ROLR as having been removed for violating the Pledge.

3. Each Candidate will advertise on his or her campaign website that he or she has taken the Rule of Law Restoration Candidate’s Pledge, and will provide a prominently-placed link back to  Not only will this promote the Rule of Law Restoration in general, but it will make the candidate’s pledge obvious, cutting down on the number of candidates who might take the pledge just to win over the ROLR voters, while campaigning differently for other voting segments.

Print The Appropriate Pledge from this list.

Legislative Pledge

Executive Pledge

Judicial Pledge

Print the pledge, fill it out, including your hand-written signature, then scan it and return it to this address.  If you simply must FAX your pledge, email us to request our FAX number.  (Scanned documents are much preferred to FAX because they have much higher resolution and are not encumbered with extraneous FAX transmission information.  This is not merely a matter of our convenience, but of the impression your pledge will make on the public.)

Once your pledge is received and verified, you will be listed in the Candidates List and a Pledge Announcement will be made here(We really like to send a confirmation email to inform you that you have been listed, but we’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t managed to send these out consistently.  Therefore, we recommend that you check back every few hours…or better yet, subscribe to the website and you’ll get an automatic email when we post your announcement.)

Once you have submitted your pledge, be sure to subscribe to this website so you’ll get the latest updates—including articles and/or comments about YOUR campaign and/or others like yours!

WARNING:  Anyone filling out a Candidate’s Pledge form and/or Candidate’s Listing entry fraudulently will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This means that if you are posing as someone you are not, it won’t be funny for long.