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The Rule of Law Restoration was founded by Jack and Kay Pelham, who are probably amongst the most non-partisan people in the country.  Since we don’t belong to any political party, civic organization, labor union, special interest group, or religious institution, we were in a strong position to start the ROLR in such a way as to keep it unencumbered by any such entangling alliances.  We have sought to develop a pure philosophical movement that could work for people of all political or religious affiliations, without requiring that they renounce those affiliations.

We have not been “political animals” all our lives.  On the contrary, it wasn’t until after our wedding in 2002 that we began to pay attention to politics.  Then, as we discovered that the typical “answers” being promoted out there for our nation’s ailments weren’t actually working to improve government, we began to realize that there existed a need for some deeper and more-accurate analysis; there simply had to be some better answer than to return to power the very political party that messed things up the last time they were in power!

In 2008 we worked to expose and to reform a deeply-corrupted and long-established government in a small Tennessee town, but to no avail.  After watching an obviously-corrupt town government enjoy the protection of the County and Circuit Courts, Election Commission, District Attorney’s office, and even the State Comptroller’s office, it became obvious that our choices were to leave or to die.  (Yes, Jack’s life was threatened by one of the “establishment” folks who stood to lose a lot if we continued on that particular course of investigation and exposure.)  We chose to leave since the town folk offered so little support.  Since then, our choice has been continually affirmed as the citizens there continue to elect and to embrace lawless officials over and over again.

Since that time, we have realized that such corruption is rampant and widespread in America—at every level of government.  Indeed, you certainly know of some cities that are known for their beautiful scenery, their bustling economies, or their thriving industries, but can you name even one that is known for having a just and upright government?  After two years of asking this question, we’re still without even a single example.  Not even one.

The restoration of the rule of law, therefore, is where we have chosen to focus our political efforts.  We are entirely disinterested in playing politics as usual—picking a favorite party and running for office in hopes of letting our little lights shine someplace.  Rather, we have wanted to strike at the root, where our efforts might actually make a difference.  Our analysis revealed two primary problems with America.  The first will be thoroughly addressed in Jack’s upcoming book, Character Not Included: How America is being destroyed with the consent of the governed.  In it, Jack argues that the average American simply lacks the character necessary to oversee his own government, and that any meaningful efforts at reform must start with building stronger character.  His primary analogy is that, even if one can inherit a billion-dollar mansion, he cannot inherit the character necessary to keep its lawns mowed.  That character, he must provide himself.

The second fundamental need we discovered was that the government must be put back into the hands of the people, and out of the hands of the elite cartel who are now practically in possession of it.  The most obvious way to do this is to insist, once again, on the rule of law, as opposed to the rule of men. Indeed, nearly all tyranny is exerted in creating and then exploiting exceptions to constitutional obedience.  We must return our Constitution to its status as the “Supreme Law of the Land”, but to do that, we must first inform the people such that they understand the value in doing that.  Meanwhile, a new class of candidates must be sought out and/or recruited to put government back on its lawful “leash”.  Hence, the Rule of Law Restoration.

We are committed to spending at least 20 years on this project….sharpening the saw as we go along.  As of June 1, 2010, we are as yet completely unfunded after about a year in “beta mode” and 5 weeks since our official launch.  Thus, we must grow slowly as time and funds can be squeezed from our personal stock.  It is our hope that ROLR can become self-funding in time after we have introduced our upcoming promotional items.  If this is successful, supporters of ROLR can fund our full-time work when they purchase items for use in promoting ROLR locally.

Even if we had a billion dollars to spend, though, we would consider ROLR an abject failure if it cannot manage to convert the typical citizen “fan” into an active recruiter.  Thus, we are seeking to so inform the citizen that he or she feels compelled to inform others and to urge them to action.  Only in this way can ROLR go truly “viral”.

It’s all about one person reaching another through common sense and accurate information.  Yes, it’s a tall order that needs to be duplicated a couple hundred million times.  Therefore, we had best get busy while we can still enjoy freedom of speech and of the press!

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