Q. What is the Rule of Law Revolution?

Q. Are you starting a new political party?

Q. What is the Rule of Law?

Q. If I sign the Voter's Pledge and no ROLR candidates are running in a certain race, wouldn't withholding my votes just help the bad guys get elected?

Q. I have a favorite candidate in a certain race, but he hasn't taken the Rule of Law Pledge. Can I vote for him anyway?

Q. How many different pledges are there?

Q. What's the point of having candidates take a pledge? Don't they already do that when they take office?

Q. What if the candidates renege on the pledge?

Q. What does circumpartisan mean?

Q. What does circumreligious mean?

Q. Are the candidate pledges only for federal offices, or for local offices, too?

Q. I'm already busy with other political groups. How much time and effort will I have to expend to be a member of the Rule of Law Revolution?

Q. How can you unify the various reform groups by starting yet another group?

Q. How much does it cost to be involved in the ROLR?

Q. Is ROLR a tax-exempt entity?

Q. Can I put up a link to ROLR?

Q. How else can I promote the ROLR?