Please Help Support ROLR!


The Rule of Law Revolution was launched in Beta mode on a shoestring budget on April 15, 2009 and, after an initial push, was not actively promoted for the remainder of 2009 for lack of funding and volunteer time.  Nearly a year later, however, the project is still obviously quite a worthy one, so we have revised the business plan to function better with limited volunteer staffing, rather than as a full-time venture.  While our ultimate hope for this site is to receive enough financial support from donations to be able to staff this effort full-time, it is much more likely that we’ll have to keep it going on an as-possible, voluntary basis.  We have striven to offer all the services of ROLR at no charge to the public or to candidates taking our pledges.

If you would like to see this project grow, offering new services and information, please donate.  We are particularly interested in developing an always-updated news service showing current events of governmental lawlessness at all levels of government, but we can’t do this without your help!