About ROLR

About ROLR

The Rule of Law Restoration is a non-partisan initiative aimed at returning governments in the USA, from local to federal, back to the Rule of Law, reversing the longstanding trend by which our governments habitually exceed the powers granted them in their constitutions and charters.  In a nutshell, the strategy is to find candidates for public office who will pledge in advance to behave in keeping with the Rule of Law, and to find voters who will pledge to vote only for candidates who have taken the Rule of Law Pledge.  The success of the movement depends on how many Americans can be influenced to appreciate the wisdom behind living under the Rule of Law, as well as to put this issue above partisan politics.  As most have little idea what this means, we have lots of work to do!

To better understand the Rule of Law Restoration, let us tackle it from the angle of what we are and what we are not.

The Rule of Law Restoration is:


The Rule of Law Restoration is:

  • A narrowly-focused initiative upon which millions of American can agree, regardless of their political and religious affiliations.
  • The only peaceful and quick way to change the way our governments think and behave.

The Rule of Law Restoration is not:

  • A new political party.
  • A membership organization.
  • Affiliated with any political party or political action group.
  • Affiliated with big business.

The Rule of Law Restoration does:

  • Provide the infrastructure for candidates and voters to take the Rule of Law Pledges in a secure web environment.
  • Inform and educate the public as to how our governments are breaking the very laws that established them.

The Rule of Law Restoration does not:

  • Endorse any candidate.
  • Endorse any political party.
  • Endorse any political activist group or reform group.

(Don’t misunderstand us, there may be lots of people and groups that we admire; we just don’t think it’s our role to be giving out endorsements.  ROLR doesn’t really represent people and groups so much as it represents an idea: the restoration of the Rule of Law. By keeping this very streamlined, we hope to make it as easy as possible for millions of Americans to join the Rule of Law Restoration.)

The Rule of Law Restoration and the Rule of Law Pledges are the fruit of the last two years of concentrated thinking by an analytical American (Jack Pelham) who just wanted to figure out one thing:  what it would really take to make the nation healthy again.  The more he asked, the more he realized that the typical “answers” to our nation’s problems are indeed part of the problem!  What was needed was a big step back and some fresh analysis.


Striking at the Root


It quickly became apparent that lots of Americans are battling against lots of problems, but the burning question was whether those problems have some common root that could be attacked more efficiently, in keeping with the wisdom of  Henry David Thoreau’s observation:

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root…”

Pelham’s analysis has yielded two reasons for America’s political decline:  Character and Law.  To put it it in language more like Thoreau’s image, the decline of the character of the American people is the “root” of our problems, and the “trunk” of the tree is the compromised rule of law that now issues forth from the people.  From that trunk, many “branches” have sprung forth, causing troubles in many different ways and directions.

But when we turn on the news, what do we hear about?

The branches, of course!

And when we decide to become proactive, what do we become proactive about?

Again, it’s the branches.

No wonder we’re not succeeding in any meaningful reform as a nation!  (And a great deal of profit is being made from this sorry state of affairs!)

The American people no longer hold to the same high ideals of character as were promoted by the nation’s founders.  This isn’t a religious issue, per se, but a thinking issue.  It’s about curiosity, diligence, proactivity, and honor.  Americans simply do not think the same way about these things as did the Americans of the late 1700s.   (Check back soon for a new book by Jack Pelham on this topic.)

Naturally, as go the people, so goes the rule of law supported by the people.  When the Constitution was adopted by the States in 1789, they were adopting the Rule of Law on purpose.  They saw it as a fair system under which everyone was supposed to be treated equally, with equal rights being protected by law.  Everyone was to follow it, and everyone was to enjoy its protection.

Like our national character, however, the Rule of Law has also eroded.  Our own Federal Government has usurped all manner of powers that rightfully belong to the States or to the people.  Meanwhile, the State, County, and City governments have also been disobedient to the constitutions and charters that established them.  We are in a very serious mess.


Is it too far gone?  Or can it be reconstructed?


Well, that’s the question of the hour, isn’t it?!

If there is a chance at a peaceful reform, we are convinced that it is in the Rule of Law Restoration.  There are already hundreds of political groups in action, striving to make various changes—so there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.  The question, though, is whether all those groups can be talked into working together to affect some really monumental changes.  Will they figure out that this is the only hope of success?

It just so happens that a great number of the issues that the various political groups are driving all naturally fit into the same category.  That is, if the Federal Government were strictly obeying the Constitution, these problems wouldn’t ever have come about!  So could it be that by tackling the one issue of constitutional disobedience, we could effectively tackle these hundreds of other issues at the same time?

That’s the idea, and that’s what we’re here to do.

We realize that there are legitimate differences of opinion on various issues.  One of the foundations of our message however is that the nation needs once again to recognize the difference between what is appropriate for Federal legislation and what is appropriate for State and Local legislation.  Many of the issues that divide Americans today are Federal battles over things that were originally left (by the Constitution) “To the States or to the people”.  By way of a benign example, if one state wants to outlaw the apricot and another wants the apricot to be its official state fruit, that is none of the Federal Government’s business.  Those states should vote as they please, and the people should decide where they’d like to live based upon their opinions about the states’ decisions on such matters.

This was the original plan.  Trying to live otherwise is tearing this nation apart.

And now we shall see whether the people are willing to come together in order to put a stop to governmental lawlessness!

If you can help us with funding, please do.  This is a labor of love and patriotism, and we’ve started it in a shoestring in hopes of finding the support we need once the word is out.