About Jack Pelham

Rule of Law Restoration is the work of Jack Pelham and his wife Kay.  We belong to no political party and general eschew the whole concept of political parties as either patently corrupt, or so prone to corruption as to be counterproductive to any fair and genuine cause.

We have built ROLR on our own time and expense, and hold great hopes for its future.  For the present, however, it is abundantly obvious to us that a great many Americans are simply not ready for the ROLR message until they deal with a deficit that is even more fundamental than the Rule of Law.  To this end, Jack will be publishing a book shortly.  Meanwhile, however, ROLR needs a real push in promotion so as to reach those Americans who are ready!

You may learn more about Jack by visiting his blog.

Please check back often for the latest developments.

30 December 2011

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