Fixing Things: The craziest idea!

2010 June 13
by ruleoflawrestoration

Apparently, the thought of fixing problems is a radical thought in American politics.  It seems much more fashionable simply to complain about things!  Indeed, some people make quite a reputation for themselves for being adept at knowing just what to complain about.  But ask them for actual solutions and it becomes quickly apparent that you have asked for something outside the scope of their base of concerns.  Complaining, therefore, is for “lightweights”, while solutions are for “heavyweights”.  And “heavyweights”, it seems are a rare breed.

Meanwhile, the political parties seem to have split up the nation’s problems, each adding a few of them to their own ostensible agendas for reform.  One party is for fixing this, while the other is for fixing that.  But does anybody notice that neither party is effective at fixing anything when they are in power?  The “fiscally responsible” Republicans, when they had power under Bush 43, actually increased (more than ever before) the size and spending of government.  Meanwhile, the “impeach Bush” Democrats who gained control during the Bush tenure utterly failed to impeach Bush, doing their best to bury the bill in committee.  Thus do we see that this sort of solutions talk is only talk, and not sincere policy.

The public, meanwhile, seems plenty content with the all-talk-but-no-action performance of our “two-party system”.  One would likely have to shake them up a bit to get them even to give serious consideration to the possibility of actually fixing something!

I remember a discussion I had with a concerned citizen in an exceedingly-corrupt town in Tennessee.  She was utterly shocked when I said, “I can’t think of any problem we have that couldn’t be solved.”  She said, “Really?”, and before I could answer, she said it again:  “Really?

I asked her to name any problem, and when she did, I explained how it could be solved by reforming governmental practice back to the city charter.  Then I asked her to name another and another, which I addressed similarly.  It didn’t take long before she realized that problems are best solved (and considered) one by one.  She also realized that she was speaking more from a position of being overwhelmed, than of logical analysis.

And so it goes with the nation; we are emotionally convinced that attempts at reform are “useless”, even though there has hardly been any substantial attempt at reform that is not itself corrupt.  For instance, it will serve no good whatsoever if the Republican push for the fall elections is just an attempt to regain power, rather than actually to fix our current problems.  (And the regaining of power is exactly what most candidates are after!)

If you actually wanted to fix things, rather than just to regain power, you’d come up with something considerably different from the practices (and platform) of the Republican Party.  In fact, you’d come up with something much more like ROLR.  Our simple pledges for candidates, if faithfully followed by incumbents, would do more to reform our governments than any partisan victory this fall.  The reason for this is simple:  Most of our current problems have resulted from excesses of power.  Therefore, those elected officials who would faithfully abide by their enumerated powers, and use their fullest checks-and-balances powers to keep the rest of the government from exceeding the law, would, by this one simple paradigm shift, do more to change our halls of government than any other reform movement could possible do.

The reason that neither major party will ever endorse ROLR is quite likely because ROLR would be a threat to their mode of operation.  They would rather not solve, but promise to solve.  They would rather not honor the Constitution in practice, but only in rhetoric.

The need of the hour, however, is not for political parties to support ROLR, but for candidates and voters to support ROLR as a way to sidestep this stupid “party” game and actually to get something fixed!

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  1. RichardC permalink
    June 13, 2010

    You hit the nail on the head. They (RINO/ DINO) tell of the problem and that THEY will solve it. THEY do not solve it, just re-elect me to another term and I will solve it. The only thing they can solve is how to get elected AGAIN & AGAIN. They keep giving the people false hope and the public fall for it.

  2. June 13, 2010

    Well said! I agree 100%!

  3. ruleoflawrestoration permalink*
    June 13, 2010

    What really concerns me is the part you point out about the public. The task before us is gargantuan; we have to change the prevailing paradigm that makes for such a dupable public. It’s one thing to gather up a number of candidates who see things straight—and that’s a wholly necessary “part of this balanced breakfast”, so to speak—but this is only a part of what must be accomplished. What remains is actually the greater task; transforming the public’s level of awareness, concern, and involvement. The reason ROLR is going after the candidates first is that we are convinced that such a substantial paradigm shift will require human LEADERSHIP—the very necessity that we are hoping the candidates will supply.

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