Lawlessness comes in small packages, too!

2010 June 10
by ruleoflawrestoration

I recently found myself receiving spam email blasts from a certain candidacy.  Since we are too busy even to tend to all of ROLR’s necessary tasks in a regular manner, I kindly replied with “unsubscribe” in the subject line and a brief note explaining that we simply cannot afford the time to sort through emails that are unrelated to ROLR.  I got no response, except for more and more daily email blasts.

After a couple of weeks I decided to take it to the next level by replying 10 or 12 times in a row with the same “unsubscribe” request in hopes that the repetition would get their attention.  Still no change.  Then I called the phone number listed on one of the many emails and left a voice mail requesting that I be removed immediately from the distribution list so that I would not have to escalate the matter.  Later that same day, however, I received yet another mass email from this same candidacy, so I wrote a “cease & desist” email and sent it multiple times to the same address.

Here’s the reply I got shortly thereafter:

You solicited our campaign with some pledge and Paypal venture. WE ignored the KOOKY venture,but you accidentally ended up in the database of 450,000.

We could not disrupt a campaign and four films in productions to remove you from a list you solicited. Did it ever occur to you to block user?

Reading this response, I noted:

  • The writer falsely suggests that my email was a solicitation for money.  (I was inviting candidates to take the pledge and the only mention of money was in the P.S. where I had written, “There is no charge whatsoever for taking the Candidate’s Pledge.”
  • I doubt very seriously that an administrator of a 450,000-member email list could possibly have the time to “accidentally” add an email address to that list.  Rather, it seems that my email address was automatically added simply because I corresponded with the campaign via email.
  • These people consider themselves to be too important—or they consider their work to be too important—to be interrupted with bothersome tasks such as honoring the public’s requests to be removed from their email distribution.
  • The onus (they assumed) was on me to program my computer not to accept their emails, rather than on them to stop sending them to me.

I pointed out such things in my reply, and here’s what I got back:

ROLR is a joke and so are you! Quit writing me you stalker.

My point here is very simple.  There is an obvious sense of entitlement with this particular campaign to do as it pleases.  And when those actions upset the public, the public is seen as a nuisance.  Isn’t this exactly the philosophy of our current ruling class in Washington…..and of those in our city, county, and state governments?

Aren’t they “spamming” the public, figuratively speaking, in a great many ways, just daring the public to complain about it?  And when we complain, don’t they see us as nuisances, and don’t they cast aspersions on us, calling us “radicals” or similar labels?

How did we ever become a nation that will tolerate such outrageous and pompous behavior?

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  1. RichardC permalink
    June 11, 2010

    They have treated us like mushrooms, in the dark and up to our neck in crap.

    They have manage to keep us J. O. B, Just Over Broke.

    They: RINO and DINO.

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