ROLR Milestone: 1,000+ Candidate Invitations!

2010 May 7
by ruleoflawrestoration

Since 20 April, 2010, ROLR has sent out over 1,000 email invitations to candidates.  Here are some statistics as of this moment:

  • 34 have signed a candidate’s pledge.
  • We have been informed of another 5-or-so pledges in the works (though we have no idea how many others may be working on submitting a pledge).
  • The 1,000 emails sent includes an as-yet-not-calculated number of delivery failures.  It almost certainly also includes some indeterminate number of messages lost in junk mail boxes.
  • ROLR roughly estimates the number of current candidates nationwide at 30,000.  (Based on a very rough guess of 1 candidate per city.)  This could be off by a factor of 5, meaning that we’re someone between 1/30th and 1/150th done inviting!

Our invitations are being sent out to candidates of any and all parties and political persuasions.  We are painstakingly scouring the web looking for candidate contact information as we “prime the pump” in hopes that voters will eventually begin to shoulder the work of inviting candidates to sign.

Candidates and voters can help promote ROLR by posting comments on their Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or other social networking accounts.  In this way, the message of the ROLR can “go viral” much faster!

ROLR’s Facebook “group”

ROLR’s Facebook “page”

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