ROLR signs 20 candidates in the first week!

2010 April 28
by ruleoflawrestoration

In our first week of actively recruiting candidates to sign the Rule of Law Revolution Candidate’s Pledge, we have had a very encouraging response with twenty candidates now signed and several more having notified us that their signatures are imminent.  (See them here,)

Over the past week, we emailed to nearly 400 candidates, whose addresses we have found from gleaning the Internet in search of any and all candidates in the US. We do not know how many candidates are actively campaigning across the country, but to put it in perspective, if only one candidate was active per city, that would be roughly 30,000!  Our 400 current invitees, therefore, are likely around only 1/1000th of all the candidates out there.

Naturally, we do not expect that every candidate will sign.  Indeed, it is apparent that many candidates don’t even know what the rule of law is.  And of those who DO, a great many of them intentionally violate it as part of their scheme and artifice while posing as public servants.  Even so, we are proud to have begun this important work, and are committed to seeing it through—whether it takes a year for “Rule of Law Revolution” to become a household term, or twenty years.

We will continue contacting candidates as we go.  (We have another 90 email invitations being prepared to go out today.)  Our hope, however, is that the public will become active in inviting their favorite candidates to take the Candidate’s Pledge.  This is what will be required for “viral” growth.  Further, we hope to turn our attention shortly to important marketing efforts such as:

  1. Online Advertising
  2. Social network marketing
  3. Providing promotional items such as business cards, t-shirts, etc.

The Voter’s Pledge
Meanwhile, we are working on fortifying the message of the Voter’s Pledge.  Signing numbers have been disappointing so far, but this is not particularly troubling as the website currently has very little in the way of convincing voters to sign the Pledge.  We’ve been anxious to jump on this task and are excited to tackle it in the very near future.  Be looking soon for things like “Three reasons you should sign the Voter’s Pledge today!”

About Leadership
We have been very proud to see a significant number of candidates sign the ROLR Pledges so early on.  When we ponder how it is that the number of candidate signatures now exceeds the number of voter signatures, we wonder whether it’s not fairly obvious: that the leaders among us are simply more apt to “get it” quickly than are the rest.  That is, those who have already been working on “making it happen” by running for office themselves are likely much quicker on their feet when it comes to realizing the importance of this interwoven system of pledges.  We look forward, therefore, to seeing the candidates exercise their leadership influence to bring more and more voters in as time goes by.

As we’ve been saying since the beginning, the Rule of Law Revolution is a new paradigm for this generation (although it was alive and well in 1789 when the Constitution was ratified).  We certainly understand that it takes time to change the prevailing political paradigm of a nation, but with such an encouraging return for our limited (and unfunded) early efforts, we might just be seeing the beginning of something really big!

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