“Party Affiliation” column removed from Candidates listing.

2010 April 24
by ruleoflawrestoration

One of the ROLR candidates emailed this morning, suggesting that having the “Party Affiliation” column on the table of candidates is not in keeping with the whole circumpartisan angle of ROLR.  While this is something we had previously considered at ROLR, my personal bent toward collecting and distributing every bit of data I can get my hands on had won out—until now.  Today’s suggestion, however, made just the right sense, and at just the right time.  Hence, the absence of the “Party Affiliation” column forever more!

Indeed, if someone really wants to know a candidate’s party, he or she can visit the candidate’s website to find out.  And in the mean time, perhaps the novel thought will pass through a few minds—that “party” just isn’t important when the rule of law is being violated!  Clearly, what we are doing here is much more important than today’s run-of-the-mill partisan battles!

So here’s to making a good idea even better!

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