Paradigm of Lawlessness, Courtesy of Congressman Bart Stupak

2010 April 4
by ruleoflawrestoration

When a Member of Congress takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, we might naturally expect that it is incumbent upon them to be sure that they hold themselves only to their constitutionally authorized powers.  We might expect, for instance, to see them refusing to pursue legislation that does not, at first blush, appear to be within their constitutional authority to pass.  For many, however, this is far from the truth.  The oath notwithstanding, the paradigm seems to be that they’ll pass whatever they please, constitutional or not, and then leave it to the courts to strike it down.

With a lawless Supreme Court in place, such a strategy is sound.  And with a docile public in place to re-elect them for another round of lawlessness, there is little risk in carrying on this way.  It’s quite like the old saying that it is easier to get forgiveness than to get permission.

In the video below, Congressman Bart Stupak is on the record in the summer of 2009 saying:

“We don’t have to change the Constitution to pass national health care; we just pass the law.  And then, if someone questions the constitutionality of it, because of our system of checks and balances, they have a right then to go to the courts to see if we’ve done it constitutionally.”

This is exactly the kind of behavior that the Rule of Law Revolution can stop.  For tyrants like Stupak, the Constitution is not a limiting set of principles; the only limits he sees are those very few limits put forth by the corrupt Supreme Court—and the even-fewer limits upheld by the public.

Hear the comment above at 2:25 on the video.

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