Passion Trumps Law?

2010 April 3
by ruleoflawrestoration

In a prime example of how impassioned socialism treats the Rule of Law as a needless hindrance to progress, Illinois Congressman Phil Hare says “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this”.  He was speaking of the “Health Care Reform” debacle.  He appears also to have claimed to have read the legislation not just once but THREE times, which one of his constituents calls a lie.

If “health care reform” is such a great idea, why wasn’t there a gargantuan push to amend the Constitution so that the federal government would have the authority for such an act?  The two-fold answer is fairly obvious: 1) They couldn’t have pulled off getting 3/4 of the states to ratify such an amendment, and 2) who needs an amendment when the government is more or less free to do as it pleases anyway?

See Congressman Hare’s unabashed lawlessness in the video below.  And then be sure to catch his rebuttal in the video below that.  In the rebuttal, he hints that he does not consider the health care reform bill to be unconstitutional!

Now, this man is a Democrat, but that is not why I show him here. Indeed, are there no Republicans in Congress who are equally as clueless about the Constitution? There most certainly are!

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