Is ROLR “dead in the water”?

2010 February 24
by ruleoflawrestoration

After a great many months of silence, I received an email today from a fan who noted the inactivity of the site and asked if ROLR is “dead in the water”?

Good question!

After having toiled to put together both the concept and the website, I found the initial response from the public to be somewhat disappointing.  I took a bit of a wait-and-see attitude about it as I continued to participate in political discussions and to work on related projects.  Having mulled it over for nearly a year now my diagnosis is that the concept of “rule of law” is a bit high-minded for most Americans.  They just don’t “get it”.

Being the practically-minded person that I am, therefore, it falls to me to find a way to HELP them get it!  Thus am I now calculating the next steps for ROLR.  Of course, my hands are still somewhat tied with the age-old time/money problem that plagues all activist endeavors, but I think I may have a reasonable solution that can get things rolling again in short order.

Please expect some new activity shortly.


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