Senator Leahy demands that the Rule of Law should apply to Presidents, too!

2009 May 20
by ruleoflawrestoration

See the video here:…

Senator Patrick Leahy is building steam in his petition drive for a “Bush Truth Commission”, having gathered over 100,000 signatures so far.

In the video he says, “…everybody has to follow the law; even the President of the United States.”

He’s right, of course. And Bush should be prosecuted for sure. But what I want to know is this: Why doesn’t Leahy seem to understand that Mr. Obama, too, “has to follow the law”? Obama has broken more laws in the last week than I can count on two hands.

I, for one, wish that I were magically the CEO of one of these big corporations for a day so that I could tell Obama to go pound sand when he tries to give orders to the corporation.

That the nation is not up in arms about these blatant usurpations is a very foreboding sign, I’m afraid. Apparently, common sense is now so uncommon that Leahy can engage in such a double standard with impunity.

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