Paradigm Shift

2009 April 25
by ruleoflawrestoration

If we weren’t so trained to think left/right, Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative, would we see things in a different way?

Of course we would!

Because of our conditioning, we tend to see the “other party” as stubborn partisans who continually try to wreck this nation by instituting harmful policies.  And every once in a while, we even go so far as to research the constitutionality of what the “other party” is up to—really letting them have it for being such traitors to the Constitution.  Geez–can you believe these guys?!

But what do we do when our own party violates, or seeks to violate, the Constitution?  Do we call our own party a bunch of traitors?  Do we swear off our membership and actively oppose our former party at every opportunity?

No, not most of us.  Most of us say, “Well, there are some things the party needs to work on.”  And we leave it at that.

I think the hypocrisy here is evident.

Suppose, though, that we were not so heavily conditioned to be in “camps” in the first place.  Wouldn’t we be much more objective about what the parties are doing and not doing?

Indeed, “party” takes on an identity of its own.  We defend our own parties because they have become for us an “us”.  And we recruit for our parties, not because the parties are always right, but because “we” need “your’ help.  “We” are trying to do X, and “we” are trying to keep “them” from getting away with “Y”.

Question:  Is your party actively trying to thwart all the constitutional violations being perpetrated by the “other party”?  If not, why not?

So let’s way we back off a step or two and pick up a new paradigm—not one of “party”, but one of the Rule of Law.  When you pick up that kind of paradigm, you can easily see that both major parties are doing serious damage to the nation.

For the Republicans to win in 2010, all they have to do is to appear slightly better to a majority of voters than the Democrats.  And this is exactly how the Democrats fared so well in the 2008 elections.  The elections were not about doing what is “right” for the nation, but only about doing what is “better”.

I suppose that one poke in the eye with a sharp stick is better than two pokes in the eye with a sharp stick, but if it’s up to me, I’d rather not support either cause!

Basically, our two choices (if you subscribe to the “two-party system” myth) are:

  1. Downhill fast, and
  2. Downhill slow.

Call me crazy, but even the lesser of those two evils is suicidal.

It’s time for a new breed of candidate who will insist on restoring the rule of law.  And it’s time for a new breed of voter who has figured out that nothing good ever comes from either of two evils.

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