Obama has very little to do with it!

2009 April 16
by ruleoflawrestoration

I must say I’ve been a bit troubled by some of what I’ve heard at the “tea party” rallies I’ve attended.

My objection is really quite simple—and the problem is quite understandable—but here it is.

I’ve heard speakers attack Obama for ____________ (fill in the blank with whatever you’ve heard).  Rarely, however, does anybody seem to have figured out that a President is more-or-less powerless without the help of Congress.  So if it takes a Congress and a President to ruin the nation, why does the President get the lion’s share of our attention?   Why does Congress get to fly “below the radar”?

Is it simply because it’s easier for us to tack all our concerns onto the President? Are we just that lazy that, though we care to complain, we don’t care to point the finger in the most accurate and effective direction?

Or is it that we’re simply doing what we’ve been trained to do?

I suspect that it’s the latter.  I suspect that Congress (and those in the media who support their lawlessness) are tickled pink that the nation tends to place all its bets (and its attention) on the Oval Office, even though there are 535 people down the street, most of whom have cooperated with presidents from both major political parties to violate the Constitution in various ways.

Mr. Obama is at once a face man for this lawless collusion, and their scapegoat.  The last go-round, it was W.  He led the charge to violate the Constitution in various ways, and now it’s Obama’s turn to have a go at it.  To the surprise of many, Obama is quite content to continue some of W’s violations–and to the thrill of many, he has a few of his own tricks in play, too.  And when his turn is over, he will be blamed for whatever is perceived by the public to have gone wrong.  Congress, however, will change very little because the voters aren’t figuring out where the real root of the problem lies.

We’ve been sold a partisan bill of goods.  The current governmental establishment will continue to thrive in it lawlessness as long as we:

  • continue to indulge in the “party game”, supporting our own party and deriding the other.
  • continue to focus our attention primarily on the executive branch without replacing the legislative (Congress).
  • continue counting on the parties to put forth candidates from which we are to choose.
  • continue to see every political issue as a mere matter of opinion or of partisan platform, instead of as a matter of the rule of law.

It’s time for a paradigm shift.  It is under our current “two-party system” paradigm that so much damage has been done.

But perhaps we are now waking up….

And perhaps it will go farther than the recent protests on the taxation/spending issue; perhaps America will realize that the true root to this tree of tyranny lies in the violation of the Constitution.

If we thought that way, we wouldn’t need any parties at all.  That’s not to say that there would be no more disagreements, mind you.  But it would immediately remove a great deal of the things over which we disagree, for it would take the Federal Government completely out of so manyof the things in which they have been lawlessly interloping.

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