The Rule of Law Restoration is currently in a suspended state for lack of public participation and will not be active for the 2012 election cycle. Since the public interest in the rule of law is currently very low, it is necessary for us to remedy this problem before ROLR can be successful. So we're letting this website sit while we're off working more fundamental solutions. Read more here.


What do you get when you let your government


exceed the lawful limits of its power?

You get:

  • A gradual and steady loss of your rights, freedoms, and privacy
  • Government giving away your money and your children’s money to big business and to foreign countries
  • More taxes
  • More restrictive laws and rules; Less personal choice
  • Growing unemployment
  • Higher prices
  • Frequent wars
  • Widespread corruption amongst government officials (bribes, kickbacks, embezzlement, etc.)
  • A lack of justice in the courts

Does this sound familiar?

It certainly should, for governments at every level in the US (local to federal) are routinely breaking the very laws that created them (such as the US Constitution, the state constitutions, and the county and city charters).  And the citizens are letting them get away with it!

We can fix it if we fix the following problems first:

  • The American voters must rise to the challenge and insist that their governments obey the limits of their powers.  No other group but the voters can or will ever make this happen.
  • The voters won’t take charge until they are thoroughly informed about: 1) just how bad things have gotten, and 2) just how good the design of our Constitution is when compared to our unlimited government today.   They need convenient, regular, and prolonged exposure to accurate information on both of these points.
  • Because they are not well informed, American voters continue to vote based upon false or failing paradigms such as: the “two-party system”, the “left/right political spectrum”, and “the lesser of two evils”.  We must trade these paradigms for a new one:  insisting that no candidate who reserves the right to exceed the powers of his or her office ought ever be allowed to serve in office….regardless of party affiliation.
  • Candidates who believe in strict abidance by their limited powers of office may likely be abandoned or even shunned by the political establishment, as they pose a serious threat to “business as usual”.  They need, therefore, a place to take a stand for the rule of law–as well as a place where the public can rally around them.

The Rule of Law Restoration’s solutions:

  1. Provide a website (You’re reading it!) where voters can be regularly and accurately informed about why the rule of law is such a good idea and how much we suffer when government exceeds its lawful powers.
  2. Put out the call for a new breed of candidate—one that pledges first and foremost to strictly follow the US Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land and to use his or her powers in office to make the rest of the government obey the Constitution, too.
  3. Help voters to see that our best hope is to pledge never again to vote for any candidate who reserves the right to exceed the powers of his or her office.
  4. Build a big enough group of candidates and voters to ensure that rule of law candidates are being elected and supported in their efforts while in office.

What do I do first?

1. See to it that you are well informed—starting right now!  Before you do anything else, subscribe to ROLR so that you can receive email alerts when:

  • Candidates take the Pledge.
  • New informative articles are posted about the issue of governmental lawlessness.
  • ROLR candidates win an election.

You may unsubscribe at any time.  Look for the subscription link in the right-hand margin on this page.  Please sign up right now before you forget.

2. See how many candidates have endorsed the rule of law by taking the pledges.

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